Change Volume in Windows Using CLI Utility SetVol

SetVol is a command line utility for adjusting system volume level in Windows. It works in all Windows versions and is completely portable in nature. It can be included in batch scripts to automate the modifying the volume level of Windows system. It supports multiple channel sound hardware and allows setting the levels of each of the channels individually.

Since SetVol is CLI (command line interface) tool, you can use it either through the cmd.exe console or through batch scripts. In the former case, you have to launch the command prompt by pressing Win+R and entering cmd.exe in the Run dialog that pops up.

In the command prompt window, you can give the command SetVol to see the help associated with this tool. It details all the parameters that can be used along with examples. Basically, you have to give the volume level as the parameter in the command. For example SetVol 75 will set the system volume to 75% of the maximum volume possible and SetVol 50 30:70 will change the volume of the left speaker to 15% and the right speaker to 35%.


You can mute your PC using SetVol Mute command and unmute it again using SetVol Unmute command.  While these are very useful commands, it is hardly convenient to give these commands when you have volume change and mute buttons built in your keyboard. The real strength of SetVol is in the form of batch scripts. Imagine writing a batch script to change the PC volume to 30% each time you start your PC. This will save you from a lot of embarrassing situations when your PC starts to play very loud music.


We tried SetVol on a Windows 10 PC and it worked just like it should. Everything was so easy with SetVol. We changed the volume, changed the ratio of volume in stereo speakers, and muted – unmuted the PC easily through SetVol without any problems.

You can download SetVol from