AHD ID3 Tag Editor : Open-Source MP3 Metadata Editor

AHD ID3 Tag Editor is a small open-source tool for management of MP3 audio files and focuses on editing, adding and updating of the ID3 metadata embedded inside them. If you have a large MP3 files collection then you will find this tool immensely useful.

In the AHD ID3 Tag Editor, the first thing that we have to do is add the MP3 files and only then we can start working on their metadata. We can add individual MP3 files or an entire folder containing the MP3 files. Once you have added the MP3 files, you can pick any of these files and it will display the ID3 tag data on the right side panel.

From the right side of the AHD ID3 Tag Editor window, you have access to the quick editing of the ID3 metadata. There are different tabs for editing ID3 version 1 and version 2. When you edit the data for ID3v2 tab, it covers all the versions from 2.2 to 2.4. Similarly ID3v1 tab is designed to support version 1.0 and 1.1 both. For the end user, the versions do not really mean much and they should just focus on editing ID3v2 as this is the newer metadata version and is supported by all applications and music players.

AHD ID3 Tag Editor

At the bottom of the AHD ID3 Tag Editor window, you will find a small media player using which we can listen to the music files. You can add album art using pictures in the well know file formats like BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and TGA. Another interesting feature is the ability to add the lyrics of a song and synchronize them using the subtitle format files.

AHD ID3 Tag Editor is available in both the setup installer and portable application format. It is ideal for working with large MP3 collections when it comes to editing or adding ID3 tags.

You can download AHD ID3 Tag Editor from https://github.com/alaahadid/AHD-ID3-Tag-Editor.