How to Record Webcam, Computer or iPhone Screen

We find so so many videos on social networks and YouTube that look absolutely drab and lifeless for the lack of a good video editing software. What happens is that some people just record a video using their smartphone camera and upload it to YouTube without actually editing it. A video recording and editing software like VideoProc can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of a video.

VideoProc is a complete video recording and editing software. It comes with a full fledged video editor, video converter, downloading online videos and recording the webcam or computer screen. It makes use of the GPU power to process the videos much faster than any other software.

VideoProc Screen Recorder

GPU hardware acceleration

VideoProc leverages the power of your graphics processor for processing video editing and recording tasks. It supports NVIDIA, Intel and AMD graphics processors. This makes VideoProc not only very fast, but it also provides very smooth video editing even when editing high resolution 4K or 8K videos.

While other software claiming to use the GPU acceleration to provide faster video processing offer only 24x faster processing, VideoProc makes use of full hardware acceleration delivering 47x real-time faster processing. This speeds up video editing, recording and transcoding producing very high quality video files in a relatively shorter time.

VideoProc Screen Recorder

Video recording using VideoProc

While there are many features offered by VideoProc, recording the computer screen and the webcam streams is the one feature that many vloggers are going to find interesting. This feature can be used for making video tutorials, explanatory video notes, gaming sessions, software walk-throughs, Skype calls, presentations, and how-to videos.

Using the Video Recorder feature we can record the computer screen, the webcam or a combination of the both. When screen and webcam are both recorded, it uses picture-in-picture mode in two ways – recording the screen while showing your facecam or recording the webcam while showing screen.

We can use video recorder in three simple steps –

    1. Select Recorder from the VideoProc window.
    2. Choose Screen, Webcam or Screen & Webcam from the top.
    3. Click on the Record button to start recording.

VideoProc Screen Recorder

If you have multiple monitor configuration, then you can choose one of the screens for recording. If you do not want to record the entire screen, then you can choose a rectangular portion of the screen to be recorded. When recording, we have the options to record the system sound, the microphone or both.

During a recording session, we can press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T to pause and open drawing tools for marking something important the screen. Tools such as pen, arrows, geometric figures, outlines, notes, etc are available in form a small toolbar near the bottom-right corner of the screen.

There is also a great video tutorial prepared by VideoProc that shows clear instructions about how we can record computer screen using it:

Recording iPhone/iOS screen with VideoProc

Using VideoProc we can also record the screen of Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. This feature is available only for the Mac version of VideoProc. When launched on Mac, VideoProc Recorder has an extra option to record iPhone when your iPhone is connected to your Mac. You can then choose iPhone/iOS from the top and then click on the Record button.

Like with other recording options, we can crop the screen, record the iPhone audio or record the microphone sound when recording the iPhone screen.

Support for green screen recording

The concept of green screen is used for changing the background in a video being recorded. You have to use a green background when recording yourself through your webcam. Later you can use a software to replace the green background with any image or video to make your video look much more interesting. VideoProc supports green screen recording and changing the webcam background.

You have to choose the option remove webcam background in VideoProc Recorder, when recording your webcam. In the options for this feature, you can choose the replacement color, similarity and smoothness levels, background opacity, and color spill reduction.

Powerful video editing features

VideoProc video editor can take your plain videos and turn them into really exciting and sensational movies. Since it uses hardware acceleration, you can open any high-resolution video file and edit it without any glitches or hangups.

With its help, you can cut a video and extract only a portion of the full video. This is great if you want to remove some sections of a video, trim a video or get rid of silent sections of a video. It also offers the cropping tool which lets you remove parts of the video frame and change its width or height.

Rotation tool can come really handy when you are dealing with videos recorded vertically (portrait mode) on a smartphone. You can easily rotate them and correct their orientation. You can also add subtitles, and various effects to the videos. Before publishing your videos online if you want to add your logo or copyright on the video, then you will find the watermarking tool useful.

VideoProc Screen Recorder

Final words

VideoProc is an all-in-one video editing and best screen recording software. It can be used for basic video editing and conversion tasks as well as advanced screen or webcam recording. It leverages the power of full hardware acceleration to make video processing faster and smoother. We used it on both Windows and Mac and found it fully satisfying for video processing needs.

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