Convert PDF to PNG with AnyMP4 Converter for Mac

On your Mac, it is very easy to convert any PNG image into a PDF file. You can just right-click on the PNG file and choose the option of conversion to PDF from the “Quick actions” that appear in the right-click menu. The PDF file is created in the same folder with the same filename as the PNG file.

But what if you want to create a PNG image from a PDF document? For this, we have to take the help of a freeware application called AnyMP4 PDF to PNG Converter for Mac. It is a professional software that makes it very easy to convert PDF files to PNG images while offering many options for the conversion.

You have to begin by adding PDF files or folders containing the PDF files. Once the files have been added, you can  choose the number of pages from the PDF to be converted into PNG images. You can select a range of pages or convert all the pages of the PDF file. A preview of each page is displayed for you so that you can select the right page for conversion.

AnyMP4 PDF to PNG Converter

From the preferences of this software, we can choose the dimensions of the PNG images that will be created. We can manually pick the size (width and height) or we can let it pick the size based on the DPI. We can choose whether we want color images, grayscale images or monochrome images. In the case of text material, monochrome images are better as they are smaller and take lesser space on the storage devices.

AnyMP4 PDF to PNG Converter

You can choose to place the PNG images in the same folder as the source PDF files, or choose a different folder. As you click on the Start button, it converts the selected pages from the PDF files into PNG images and places them inside a sub-folder in the destination directory.

You can download AnyMP4 PDF to PNG Converter for Mac from

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  1. If you are into the process of having to add all of your paper document in the digital storage system, the pdf converters will be able to make things to be much faster.

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