SoftSkin Photo Makeup : Make Your Portraits More Beautiful

We all want to be photogenic like those supermodels that are always on the cover of the Cosmopolitan magazine. But it is not easy to have soft, radiant and beautiful skin all the time. Sometimes we take selfies or portrait photographs and tiny bit of blemish ruins the picture.

When that happens, we can always fix the photos using a specialized software called SoftSkin Photo Makeup. it is a lightweight image editor that can be used correct makeup imperfections or to remove skin blemishes. It comes with all the tools for making your face look perfect, fresh and, younger.

You have to open your picture that you want to work on in Photo Makeup. It supports all the popular image formats such as JPEG, GIF, PSD and PNG. Once a picture has been opened, you have all the tools available for your use – spot remover, skin smoothing,, wrinkle removal, blemish removal, foundation, blush, red eye, eye color, mascara, eye pencil, lipstick and bleach.

SoftSkin Photo Makeup

Using the tools like bleach we can whiten the teeth if your teeth are not pure white and have stains. The same tool can be used to make the sclera of the eyes spotless white. If you want to experiment with different lip colors then there is the lipstick tool. If you forgot to apply concealer during the makeup, then you can use the concealer tool to apply it digitally.

Some of these tools are very easy to use but other require a little getting used to. For example, using the lipstick tool is very easy. But using the teeth whitening tool requires a little patience. But overall, SoftSkin Photo Editor is a great image editor for retouching the photo, making you look beautiful and create perfect portraits just like they do in Cosmopolitan.

You can download SoftSkin Photo Makeup from