EF Commander is Free File Manager for Windows

EF Commander Free is a free file manager for Windows. It offers a two pane user interface with two folders open at the same time. It adds to many features already present in the Windows File Explorer. Since it has FTP features, it can also be used as a simple FTP client software.

Lightweight user interface

EF Commander has very minimal impact on the system resources. The user interface is not tacky and is designed to keep speed in the mind. In the toolbar, we can find all the file operation tools such as copying files, moving files, creating new folders, searching for files, editing files, deleting files, printing and more.

In order to comply with the new options in the Windows 10 settings, it permits dark or light themes. If dark theme is enabled in Windows 10, it can automatically switch to the dark mode. In addition, you can also change the color of various elements in the EF Commander.

Additional tools

It packs some of the tools that are not found in the Windows File Explorer. For example, there are tools for splitting large files into smaller ones or merging several small files into a single big file. There are tools for packing and unpacking files and creating ZIP archives. You can encrypt or decrypt files, compare two folders or synchronize the contents of two folders.

There are many disk tools included for formatting disks, comparing the contents of two disks, copy disks and more. There are some basic FTP features built inside the program so that you can access FTP servers directly from the EF Commander.

EF Commander

System tools

Whether it comes to shutting down the computer or terminating a process running in the background, all these system tools are available from the EF Commander toolbar. You can even start the screensaver right from its interface which is useful if you have to get up from your work desk for some time. If you have to create a shortcut to a program or document on the Windows desktop, then you can easily create it using a single click or hotkey.

Built-in music player

This is perhaps the only two-pane file manager that comes with a music player built inside. It can be accessed from its icon in the toolbar. It can load regular playlists or you can open music files directly inside it. We can play MP3 files very easily inside this music player. It is great to listen to music while we are working on something on our Windows PC.

EF Commander


EF Commander is a fully feature packed file manager that aims to simplify our daily work. Whether it is file operations, backups, burning CD or DVD, connecting to FTP, archiving files or listening to music it does the job satisfactorily. As if that is not enough, it supports add-ons from other popular programs like XnView and IrfanView.

You can download EF Commander from http://www.efsoftware.com/cw/e.htm.