Find Identical Music Files with EF Duplicate MP3 Finder

Despite the popularity of online music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music, MP3 files continue to stay one of the most favored way to store music on personal computers. Because of this reason, everyone has a number of music files stored on their computer. I myself have at least 20 MP3 files containing some of the rare interviews or speeches from many great authors or celebrities. For example, I have the radio interview of the famous author Jean M. Auel broadcasted after she finished writing her first novel The Clan of the Cave Bear in the MP3 format.

Finds duplicate MP3 files on all drives

But sometimes these MP3 files stored get copied to many folders leading to the problem of identical music files in many places all over the local storage media or even on the removable media. It could be that you have the same MP3 files copied on your local hard drive as well as your backup USB hard drive. Using the EF Duplicate MP3 Finder, we can easily locate the duplicate music files and remove them if necessary.

EF Duplicate Fiinder

Search presets with different criteria

In the EF Duplicate MP3 Finder, we have to create a preset for searching the files on your computer. In the preset, we can choose one or more locations where it is going to search for MP3 files. We can pick two types of search – find exactly identical files (exact bytes match) or find similar files. For the latter, we can choose a percentage of similarity.

EF Duplicate Fiinder

Copy, move or delete duplicate MP3 files

In the search results window, we can automatically select all but one MP3 files from the each duplicate files group. You can perform all sorts of operations such as play the music, copy files, move files, rename files, delete files, etc. You can even export the list of duplicate files in TXT, HTML or CSV format.

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