How to Avoid Duplicate Content in Amazon Music Playlists

Amazon Music is part of the Amazon Prime package. It is a great replacement app for Spotify and can be used on Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows as the apps for all these platforms are available separately. In addition, you can also use Amazon Music from any web browser through its web app.

When you are using Amazon Music from all these platforms, chances are that you are going to end up adding duplicate songs or podcasts to your Amazon Music library. And this happens very often too as we end up adding two or more different versions of the same song. This is especially true for some popular songs that are released in many “DJ edition” versions.

If you are seeing many duplicate songs in your Amazon Music library and you want to get rid of them then you have to simply enable duplicate prevention feature in your Amazon Music app. On a Windows PC, you can follow these simple steps to remove duplicate content from your Amazon Music playlists:

  1. Launch Amazon Music and sign-in to your Amazon account. Click on your profile icon and select Settings from the menu that is displayed.
  2. Select Playlist Duplicates from the list of all the settings.Amazon Music Duplicates
  3. You will see two options and you should pick Always ask before adding duplicates.Amazon Music Duplicates
  4. This is it, you can close settings now and start enjoying your music again.

Once you have enabled confirmation option before adding any duplicate content, Amazon Music is going to ask for your confirmation before adding the same song twice in the current playlist. While this is a great for regular use, sometimes we need to play the same songs multiple times in a pattern. In those cases, you can either give confirmation and add the duplicate songs or disable this option in the Amazon Music settings.