Improve Presentations in Windows with Painter Mouse

Painter Mouse is a Windows application that adds many powerful features to your mouse cursor. These features are going to enhance presentations or tutorials created on that computer. For example, Painter Mouse can add a highlighter circle that stays with the mouse cursor all the time displaying the position of the cursor on the screen. This is going to be very useful for the viewers who want to see what is happening during a presentation.

Highlight cursor

In the Painter Mouse configuration window, there are four tabs for configuring four different features – highlight cursor, pen, spotlight, and keystrokes. The Highlight Cursor feature draws a colored circle around the mouse cursor on your screen. This circle is much easier to spot compared to the tiny mouse pointer used by Windows. You can change the size and radius of this highlight circle. This circle changes color to indicate left-click or right-click events.

Painter Mouse

Write on computer screen

If you want to write something on your screen, you can use the Pen feature. You can select the pen color, pen thickness, and transparency. This feature can be toggled using a hotkey F9. So whenever you have to draw on your screen, press F9 and start drawing. Pressing F9 again will toggle off the Pen feature.

Painter Mouse

Cursor spotlight

Highlight Cursor works great to display the location of the mouse cursor only if the screen is not full of colorful elements. If the screen is displaying so many things of different color, then a better choice is Spotlight. This feature dims the entire screen except the small circular area surrounding the mouse cursor. Anyone can easily find the mouse cursor using Spotlight.

Painter Mouse

Display keystrokes

The last feature allows you to display the special keystrokes such as Ctrl and Shift. You can change the font size for displaying these keys on your screen. It simply displays Shift or Ctrl near the bottom edge of your screen when you press those keys. No other specials keys are supported.

Painter Mouse

Closing words

Painter Mouse is a productive little tool that is very useful when we have to make presentations. We can use this tool both when doing live presentations during public events and also when recording presentation or tutorial videos.

You can download Painter Mouse from