Split and Join Large Files Easily with KFK

KFK is a Windows application for splitting large files into smaller ones. It can also be used to join smaller split files back into the original large file. The software has many uses, for example, we can use it to split a very large file into many parts so that they can fit on multiple disks.

KFK is available as a portable program as well as in form of an installer. It features a small but neatly designed user interface. There is a place to select the source file that you want to split. There are options to split the file into a set number of parts or into parts of specified file sizes. For example, you can choose to split a file into 10 parts or into many parts each being of 1 MB in size.

KFK File Splitter

There is an option to create a batch script that can be run to join the split smaller files back into the original large file. With a batch script, we do not require KFK in order to join the parts. But KFK also has rebuilding options and it lets us select the parts to rebuild the large file once again.

KFK File Splitter

I tried KFK to split the 7-Zip installer file (7z1900.exe) into 10 different parts. The operation was performed within a second. It also generated a batch script  along with the different split parts. This batch script uses the copy command to join all the files together into the large file. As soon as the batch script was run, I had the original 7z1900.exe in the folder.

KFK File Splitter

KFK is a portable file utility that we can use to divide large files into smaller parts. This is useful when we have to store large files on multiple disks or transfer files over slow internet connections.

You can download KFK from https://www.kcsoftwares.com/?kfk.