Listen to Online Radio with Mini Radio Player App on Windows

Listening to radio while working is a healthy habit that I acquired during my school days. Even today I sometimes tune in to my favorite radio stations while going through the humdrum of life. Listening to talk shows, sports events and classic music makes working a pleasure.

Today we do not have to buy an actual radio as so many of the FM and AM radio stations are available online. We can visit the website of any radio station and find a “Listen now” or “Listen Live” link somewhere on it. This is great if you have a favorite radio station, but for the ability to listen to hundreds of online radio stations we need an app like Mini Radio Player.

Mini Radio Player app is available for Windows and Android. But it can also be accessed from your web browser as it offers a web app that looks just like the desktop app. As soon as it is launched, it opens the localized radio stations. For example, if you are living in the United States then it will show you the radio stations available in the US, if you are living in the UK, then it will display UK channels and so on.

Mini Radio Player

Listening to a radio station is a matter of clicking on its icon in the sidebar. The channel starts ti play right away. You may want to lower the volume as some of the radio stations playing music could be very loud. It offers an immersive mode too using which you can run the app in the full-screen.

Mini Radio Player

If you are using this app to listen to late night shows and are afraid of falling asleep leaving the radio on, then it offers a sleep timer. You can set this sleep timer to 5 minutes to 120 minutes. When the times is up, the app stops playing the radio station automatically.

You can download Mini Radio Player from