Make Selfies Look Great with AI Face Retouch

Before we post our carefully taken selfies on social networks, we all do a little bit of editing to appear pretty. There are tons of apps for smartphones and software for Desktop computers for editing and retouching our photographs. But these apps and programs may take a long time before we are satisfied with the retouching efforts. And if we have to work with dozens of pictures, then perhaps it would take the whole day and part of the night too before we finish the job.

Fortunately there are AI powered apps like AI Face Retouch that can retouch portraits in a matter of seconds. AI Face Retouch is a web app that is powered by AI and does everything on its own from detecting the face to enhancing the picture and making it appear much more attractive.

AI Face Retouch

In order to use AI Face Retouch, we can visit their web app in any web browser. We can drag-and-drop the picture on the web app in order to upload them. As soon as we click on the Start button, it will upload and process the pictures. The processed picture is available for download in a few seconds.

There are some restrictions about the pictures that you can upload. The picture must be either in the PNG or JPG format. If you have a picture in any other format, then you have to use AVS Free Image Converter to change their image file format. Other restrictions include a maximum resolution of 2000×2000 pixels and a maximum file size of 5 MB.

AI Face Retouch

Using AI Face Retouch we can retouch selfies or portraits quickly. It auto-detects the face in the picture, applies adjustments and makes the skin and eyes appear beautiful. It smooths the skins and removes the wrinkles or flaws if any. Based on the type of the picture, it can even apply makeup to your face in the picture.

You can retouch your portraits or selfies using AI Face Retouch at