Manage Folders and Create File Lists with getFolder

getFolder is a Windows application that offers many useful tools for running batch operations on a folder. Using this small tool we can find information about a folder and its contents. We can generate a list of the contents of a folder and export it in many different formats. We can also compare the contents of two folders side by side to see which of the files are different.

The user interface of getFolder is very easy to follow. You have to either select a folder to manually enter the path of a folder. It will then display a list of the contents of that folder. In the options we can set up filters to list the contents based on the extensions, wild cards or even the regular expressions. We can choose to display the sub-folders if needed.

We can right-click on the list of contents to see a number of options such as copying of the path or size of a file to the clipboard. We can even compare two selected files. If you work on a folder very often then that folder can be added to the favorites list on the left side of the getFolder window.


From the toolbar, we have access to tools like “Compare Folders” using which we can examine two folders and find out if they are identical or if they contain some different files. This tool is very useful if we have to quickly check the source and destination folders before copying files.


The “Info” tool accessible from the toolbar displays the basic information about your storage disk drives. All the partitions visible to Windows File Explorer and network drives are displayed. For each of the partitions, we have information such as disk size, usage percentage, used space, and the free disk space.

Similarly, the “Batch” tools can be run on all the selected files. Under the “Batch” button in the toolbar, we have access to a variety of tools such as copying, renaming, removing, cleaning etc. There are separate batch operations available for images, text files, audio files and folders.


In my opinion, the most useful feature of getFolder is its ability to generate file lists in various formats. You can access this feature from “Save List As” toolbar button. We can save the list as TXT (both tree-style structure text and plain text), HTML, CSV, XML and JSON files.

You can download getFolder from