Check Battery Life with Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool

Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool is a software being offered by Intel for the notebook computers that use Intel technology for monitoring the performance of the battery life. In order for this software to work on your notebook computer, your device must satisfy all the four requirements – it must have an Intel CPU, the processor must support Intel vPro technology, you have Google Chrome web browser installed and you are online. If you have just an Intel CPU on your notebook computer but that CPU does not support Intel vPro then it won’t work on your system.

One another minor requirement before running this software is that you have plugged in the charging cable of your laptop to the AC wall socket. In the user interface of Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool, you can select two different types of tests – a full test and a quick assessment.

The full test takes about five hours to complete while the quick assessment takes only 40 minutes. During these tests, the software will ask you to plug in the AC cord or unplug it so that it can test the battery performance during both the charging and discharging cycles.

Intel Battery Life Diagnostics

In these tests, it performs various actions such as charging the battery, using Chrome to browse over wireless network, generate Powercfg battery and energy reports, and so on. In the quick test, it does not perform the charging and discharging tests which is why it finishes the quick test in just under 40 minutes.

After the tests have been completed, you will find the reports prepared by the software under the “Reports” section. These reports contain everything about the battery – estimated life remaining, CPU idle and CPU usage, device driver problems, OS timer problems, energy estimation, context switches, and more.

You can download Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool from