Path Length Checker : Find Paths and Their Lengths

Path Length Checker is a Windows application that can display all the directories under a specified root folder along with their path lengths. It is very useful if you want to move contents of a folder to another location and are concerned about too long paths.

Path Length Checker comes in both GUI and CLI versions. The GUI version is easier to use but the CLI version is quicker in fetching the results and saving them in text or CSV database files. In both cases, the program is a portable application and does not require any installation.

The GUI version of Path Length Checker  allows you to select a root folder the paths under which you want to check.  In the options, you can choose whether files or folders are to be included, whether sub-directories are to be searched recursively, minimum path length, maximum path length, search pattern, replacement strings and more.

Path Length Checker

You have to click on the large Get Path Lengths button to start the processing of the selected root folder. In the results, it displays the paths and their lengths. If you have selected to replace the root folder with a custom string, then it will replace the root folder in the search results.

The search results can be copied to the clipboard in three ways – copy everything, copy paths without lengths, copy paths as CSV, and copy paths without lengths as CSV.

Path Length Checker

The CLI version is similar but you have to specify the root folder and other options as parameters. For example, if you want to find paths of a folder D:\Test and replace the root folder with then you have to give the command

PathLengthChecker.exe RootDirectory="D:\Test"

Path Length Checker

There seem to be no options in the CLI version for exporting the results into special file types. However, you can always direct the output into a text file.

You can download Path Length Checker from