How to Quickly Transfer WhatsApp Chats to Telegram

When WhatsApp issued a new privacy policy on the 5th January, 2021, not many people liked it. The policy had provisions of sharing the user data with Facebook which irked many users. As a result, many many WhatsApp users started looking for alternative apps and pretty soon apps like Telegram and Signal became very popular.

According to Telegram, more than 100 millions users have joined their platform only in the first month of 2021. They have alluding it to the fact that WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy to include the sharing of the user data with Facebook. It is not clear how many WhatsApp users have started using Signal.

If you have also started using Telegram and want to continue a chat or conversation where you left off on WhatsApp, then the first step is to transfer that chat from WhatsApp over to Telegram. Fortunately, it is extremely easy in the latest version of Telegram.

Here is how you can quickly transfer any chat from WhatsApp to Telegram on Android:

  1. Open the chat that you want to transfer in WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on the menu (three dots near top-right). From the menu, select More and then Export Chat.Transfer Chats from WhatsApp to Telegram
  3. Choose Telegram from the list of destinations. It will open the Telegram app and your chat will appear on Telegram.Transfer Chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

iOS users can also switch to Telegram in a similar manner. Actually they have a much faster option. If you are using iPhone, you can simply left swipe a chat and choose to export it to Telegram.

There are some obvious restrictions as one can expect. For example, you can import chat into Telegram only and only if you and the person whose chat you are importing are mutual contacts on Telegram too. In case you are wondering, how Telegram can tell – they can find out using the contact number (mobile number) used on WhatsApp.

You can read more about moving history from other apps to Telegram in their blog here: