How to Split and Join Files with Alternate Splitter

Alternate Splitter is a Windows application using which we can split a large file into many smaller parts. We can later use the same tool to join those smaller parts back into the large file. Even if you do not have split files, it can be used to join some smaller media files together into a large video file which may not always work but it is interesting to try this option.

In the user interface of Alternate Splitter, we have to add one or more large files that we want to split into multiple files. We can then set the maximum file size for each of the individual split files. After this, all we have to do is click on the Split button and all is done.

Alternate Splitter

If you do not want to actually split a file and want to see a preview first, then it also offers a preview feature. In the preview window, you can see an example of how your file is going to be split into smaller parts, how many parts will be generated, what the file size of each of these parts is going to be and what their names will be.

Alternate Splitter

Merging of these files is done in a similar fashion. You have to select all the split files and add them to the Alternate Splitter window. You can then click on the Merge button and it will join them back together. For merging no preview is available for the obvious reason.

Alternate Splitter is useful when you want to store a large file on smaller capacity storage disks. It can also be useful when you have to upload a huge file to the internet – you can divide the huge file into smaller parts to make uploading them easier.

You can download Alternate Splitter from