Add New Items to Right-Click Menu in Windows with StExBar

StExBar is a little utility for Windows that adds new items to the right-click context-menu in Windows File Explorer. These new items, tools or commands are very useful in everyday computing. For example, we can quickly make changes to the folder settings and make it display hidden files just by picking the option from the StExBar context-menu.

After the installation, you will find StEx in the right-click context-menu when you right click inside a folder or on the desktop. By default, it has eight different new tools added already to the new StEx menu – show system files (to display files with the system attribute set), show hidden files (files with H attribute set), open cmd.exe console with the current folder pre-selected, open PowerShell, copy names of the files to the clipboard, copy the paths of the files/folders to the clipboard and, rename or move a folder.


All of these commands are associated with hotkeys and you can execute them using these hotkeys too. For example, Ctrl+M launches cmd.exe console for the current folder, Ctrl+Shift+M launches PowerShell console, Ctrl+Shift+N can create a new folder quickly, and so on.


If these commands are not enough for you, then you can add your own commands too. For this, you can launch the settings and click on the Add button. You have to specify name, icon, command line, startup folder, and a hotkey for the new command. You can choose to make this new command available based on certain conditions such as when files are selected or when folders are selected.


StExBar is a very useful Windows File Explorer extension. It allows the users to add new items to the right-click context-menu. Not only it makes everyday tasks easier, but it also saves time through the use of hotkeys.

You can download StExBar from