SyncTrayzor Makes Working with Syncthing Easier on Windows

We have previously posted about an excellent piece of software for syncing files called Syncthing. It is an open-source utility for syncing your files across a number of devices without having to route your files through third-party servers. Everything is transferred directly from one device to another device. This is done to avoid any third-party server or company spying on your data in any form or fashion. Syncthing keeps any prying eyes away from your data when you are syncing it.

Since Syncthing does not offer a GUI application and only offers a web interface (accessible from any web browser on your computer), some people do not feel comfortable with it. If you want to have a native GUI application for managing Syncthing then there is another open-source application called SyncTrayzor.

SyncTrayzor is an open-source utility that sits in the system tray of Windows desktop and lets you manage all the syncing tasks for Syncthing. It comes with Syncthing in the package so you do not have to install Syncthing separately. It is available in form of a setup installer as well as a portable application.


After launching SyncTrayzor, you will find its icon in the system tray. From this icon, you can open the folders being synced, you can control the syncing process (stop, start or restart Syncthing), and access the settings for Syncthing. Usually you need a web browser to access Syncthing settings, but SyncTrayzor comes with an in-built web browser so that you can quickly an easily access everything from this tiny browser window.

If you have been using Syncthing regularly for syncing your files across several of your devices then you are surely going to find SyncTrayzor very useful. It is available as a portable program too which makes it a great candidate for portable USB drives.

You can download SyncTrayzor from