Tweak Windows and Install Software with Optimizer

After a fresh installation of Windows 10, the first thing that we all like to do is tweak some of the settings in the operating system to the way we like. We disable some features, we install new software, we make changes to many options and so on. Even though we can do it all manually, it is really much easier if we have some help from a software like Optimizer.

With the help  of Optimizer, we can tweak Windows, enable/disable features, uninstall UWP apps, toggle auto-run programs, download and install software automatically, clean junk files from the system drive, change the hosts file, fix common registry issued, add some useful commands in the context-menu and more.

It has a tabbed user interface and each tab is dedicated to a special set of options. While most of the tabs feature various options and tweaks, the tab “Common Apps” is very interesting. Under this tab, we can find all sorts of open-source or free software. We can select software, its architecture type (32-bit or 64-hit) and hit the download button. The software will be downloaded and saved to a sub-folder called Optimizer Downloads. You can later install the downloaded software from there.


If you do not want to manually install the downloaded software, you can also choose the option Install after downloading. It will result in the silent execution of the installation software to be run. This is the best approach to quickly install your favorite web browsers, email clients, editors, FTP clients, conferencing software, video players, image viewers, game platform clients, system tools, anti-malware and more.


With the Optimizer we can quickly improve the system and network performance on a Windows PC. Moreover we can also toggle off some of the unwanted features and services. And the software installation feature makes Optimizer a really very useful tool for using after a fresh Windows installation.

You can download Optimizer from