Auto-Translate Text Snippets with Free Crow Translate

When we are going through some web pages, very often we suddenly come across passages of text written in languages that we do not really understand. We can always turn to giants like Bing Translate on their website, but these online tools take a lot of time to before we finally get the translation. Instead of using these translation websites, we can use a free tool called Crow Translate for translating text across dozens of languages.

Crow Translate is an open-source software for quickly translating any piece of text into your default system language. It can automatically detect the source language and takes only a few seconds to produce the translation. It is powered by three online translation engines and gives the user an option to pick one of them for the translation.

Unlike some similar tools, it has no limit on the length of the source text that needs to be translated. It works even of you have copied a very long piece of text as the source. But you will notice that it takes a little bit longer for the translation to complete compared to the same translation tools accessed from a web browser.

Crow Translate

It has a small window in which you can copy the source text and then click on the big button in the middle for the translation to start. The window has all the usual options you would find in any translation software such as manually assigning the source and destination languages or automatically picking the languages, copy the text to clipboard, convert text to speech and play it back etc.

In addition to accessing the user interface directly we can also use the hotkeys for translating text. This is much more convenient option. After copying the source text to the clipboard, we can press the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+E and it will translate the text for you.

Crow Translate

In the settings of Crow Translate, we can choose all the different options such as hotkeys, translation mode (window, notification or message), translation languages, OCR, speech synthesis engine used, and more.

All in all Crow Translate is a useful translation software but it depends on other online translation and speech synthesis engines. If you do not have access to fast internet, it will fail to work.

You can download Crow Translate from