Convert Source Code into HTML Easily with Highlight

Highlight is a small portable tool for Windows that can be used to convert any source code into color coded HTML files. It supports more than 200 different programming languages. This includes all the popular languages such as C#, C/C++, Java, Objective C, Ruby, JavaCcript, Visual Basic, HTML and more. In addition to converting the source code into HTML, it can also convert it into many other formats such a TeX, LaTeX, BBCode, RTF, XHTML, ODT, SVG, ANSI, XTERM etc.

We have to begin by adding the source-code files to the list of the files. As you select any of these source files, it will generate a color highlighted preview on the right side. It can automatically determine the source code language based on the file extensions. Under the options, we can choose an output format such as HTML. In addition, we can add source-code line numbers, omit headers/footers, or set encoding for the code.


The way it adds the color to the keywords, the use of fonts and the background color is called the formatting. It offers a large number of source code formatting schemes. The color schemes can be either dark or light. In the dark color themes, it has darker background for the source code. It offers source code formatting schemes used by many popular editors such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, BBEdit, vim Editor, jEdit and so on. We can also choose a monospace font and its size for the source code.

In order to convert the source code to the selected output format, we can now select a destination folder and click on the Convert files button. You can also copy the generated code directly to the clipboard instead of generating files.

Highlight also comes with a CLI version which makes converting source code into other formats a much quicker task. But if you are not comfortable with the CLI version, then you can use the GUI version which offers all the same features.

You can download Highlight from