PrivacyRoot Secure Delete : Erase Folders or Files Irrecoverably

PrivacyRoot Secure Delete offers tools to completely delete files from a hard drive in a way that they cannot be recovered any time later. It overwrites the files before deleting them so that even professional recovery software is not able to restore the deleted files.

Secure Delete is designed to work in the wizard like manner. It takes you from one step to another and guides you through each of these steps. In the first step of Secure Delete, you have to add all the folders and files that you want to delete. You can drag-n-drop these files on the Secure Delete window or you can use “Add Folder” buttons to select these folders or files.

PrivacyRoot Secure Delete

In the next step, you are given options for secure erasing the files. You can choose options such as overwriting the content of the files, how many times the files should be overwritten, rename files to random names, change file times to a past date, place random characters in random places in the file, reset the file contents before deleting (truncate it to zero) and so on.

PrivacyRoot Secure Delete

In the third step, it will ask you for confirmation and then start deleting the files. This is the final step. Files deleted at the end of this step can no longer be recovered. You will see a progress bar as it goes through one file at a time and deletes all the files that you have added in the list.

PrivacyRoot Secure Delete

In the the free version of PrivacyRoot Secure Delete, some features have been disabled. For example, you cannot choose to overwrite the file contents. However, you can still use other features that are not specifically marked Pro. For enabling these features, you will have to purchase a license key for the professional version.

You can download PrivacyRoot Secure Delete from