Display Custom Notification Messages in Windows with Notifu

Notifu is a small portable application for Windows that can be used to display custom notification messages on Windows desktop. It can display the popup messages of any kind with or without delay. It comes with both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version. It is mainly designed for use within batch scripts.

When you launch Notifu without any arguments, it will simply display a small message box showing the usage of the program. In this small window, we can find all the information that one would need to start working with Notifu.

For the very basic use of Notifu, we can run Notifu with a /m switch followed by the message. For example, the following command will display “Hello World” message in a popup notification on Windows:

notifu /m "Hello World"


Since it comes in 64-bit version too and that version has program filename notifu64.exe, we have to use notifu64.exe command instead of just notifu.exe when using the 64-bit version, in the following manner:

notifu64 /m "Hello World"


When used in this very basic format, the notification message appears instantly. We can add some delay by using the /d switch followed by the number of milliseconds of delay. For example, if we want to delay the message for 5 seconds (5000 milliseconds) then we can do it like this:

notifu64 /m "Hello World" /d 5000

Notifu can also display many different type of notifications – informational, warning, error or none. Each of these types display a special icon next to the message. We have to use /t switch followed by the types warn, info, error or none. If you do not specify any of these, then it displays an informational icon in the message.

notifu64 /m "Hello World" /t info


Notifu is a really useful program for including in the batch scripts. We can use it to display useful information on the screen with or without some delay.

You can download Notifu from https://www.paralint.com/projects/notifu/index.html.