How to Download & Install New Voices in macOS

Earlier we wrote about how we can make Mac announce time every hour but for that we have use a TTS voice called Daniel that comes pre-installed on Mac. Even the “Daniel” voice that comes with macOS is not high quality. If you want to get more voices for your Mac then you will have to download them from the internet and install them on your system. Fortunately the process is pretty straightforward and we do not have to run any complicated command.

Here is how you can download and install many more voices for the spoken content on your Mac:

  1. First of click on the Apple logo near the top-left corner and select System Preferences from there.
  2. In the system preferences window, click on Accessibility.Install New Voices in macOS
  3. In the accessibility window, select Speech  category. If this category is not available, then select Spoken Content section from the left.
  4. Click on the System Voice drop-down list and select Customize.Install New Voices in macOS
  5. In the list that is displayed, select the new voices that you want to download and install. For example, we can choose Kate, Oliver, Serena for English. We can also upgrade Daniel voice to a much better quality. There are also voices of many other languages available in this list. As soon as you click on the OK button, it will start downloading and then installing the new voices.Install New Voices in macOS

Typically, it will download more than 200 MB size file for each of the voices. For advanced Daniel voice, it will download more than 500 MB of data. You can see how much data is going to be downloaded in the voice selection interface. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it might take a short or long time for the total downloads to finish. The newly installed voices will be available only after the installation is finished.