GetColor : Find RGB Color for Any Pixel On Screen

When designing a webpage or working with graphics, sometimes we have to use matching colors and for that we must know the RGB or HEX color codes for the colors used in various images or objects. For example, if you want the logo image on a webpage to blend in with the background, you have to match the both colors. For finding the color code values for anything being displayed on your screen, we can use a freeware tool called GetColor.

The program is a portable software and does what it says without any bells and whistles. As soon as it is launched, your mouse cursor turns into an eye-dropper and the value of color for the pixels under the mouse cursor are shown along with the mouse pointer. It displays the current mouse cursor location on the screen along with the pixel color value in RGB and HEX formats.


GetColor is purposely designed to be very very simple and it does not bother to offer any other options or functions. There is no way to copy the color codes to the clipboard. You have to note down the color values and manually write them down yourself. Nothing happens if you left-click or right-click anywhere on the screen. It places an icon in the system tray which can be used to close the GetColor program.


The program obviously has some limitations. For example, it shows the color codes only in the HEX and RGB formats. It is utterly useless if you want to know the color value in the CMYK format or the HSL format. Sure there are online tools for converting the color values from one color format to another, but it would be much easier to just find another tool that can display color values in desired formats.

You can download freeware GetColor from

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  1. i am using instant eye dropper for ages now. it has 9 codes, autocopy and dark mode too.
    i checked it isnt on this site, so i suggested.

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