How to Generate QR Code for any URL in Chrome

In the latest version of the Chrome web browser, we have a new feature – the ability to create QR code for any URL. Using this feature, we can generate QR code that can be scanned by any app on your mobile phone. This feature enables as to quickly transfer any URL from the desktop computer to a mobile device without actually to type it manually or without syncing the web browser accounts. This feature is new and is available starting with the version 88 of the Chrome browser.

Here is how we can generate QR codes for any URL in Chrome:

  1. Visit any website (for which you want to generate the QR code) in the Chrome browser.
  2. Click in the address bar where the website URL is displayed. You will notice a new QR code icon in the address-bar to the right. It will immediately generate and display a QR code for that URL.Chrome QR Generator
  3. In the QR code, you can manually edit or change the URL and it will update the QR code in real-time.
  4. Now you can scan this code on your smartphone using any QR scanner app. You should use a secure QR scanner app like Trend Micro QR Scanner so that it can check for bad or malicious URLs on your smartphone.Chrome QR Generator

There is an option to download the QR code on your computer which can be done by clicking on the Download button. It will save the generated QR code in form of a PNG image with dimensions 370×370 pixels. You can use this downloaded PNG on your social networking profiles, blogs, websites or emails. The generate QR code is very unique as it uses dots instead of the full black squares and in the center of the QR code is the popular Chrome dinosaur that appears when some error occurs while accessing the internet.