How to Generate QR Code for Any URL in Vivaldi Browser

Earlier we wrote about how we can generate QR code for web page addresses in the Google Chrome browser without requiring any plugin or extension. Now the same feature has appeared in the Vivaldi web browser and we can create QR codes for any URL in Vivaldi too. However, there is a difference regarding this feature n Chrome and Vivaldi – this feature is not enabled in Vivaldi browser by default and you have to enable it yourself manually before you can start using it.

Here is how you can enable QR generator in Vivaldi browser and use it to generate QR codes for any URL:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser, click on the Vivaldi logo (near the top-left corner of browser window) and select Settings from there. We can also use the hotkey Ctrl+F12 for opening settings.Vivaldi QR Code Generator
  2. In the settings window, select Privacy category from the left side.
  3. Under the privacy category, select the checkbox QR Code Generator from the “Address Bar” section.Vivaldi QR Code Generator
  4. Now you should be able to see a QR code icon in the address bar whenever you visit a webpage. You can click on this icon to generate QR code for that URL.Vivaldi QR Code Generator

Creating QR codes for any URL makes it very easy to transfer the URL from your desktop computers to your mobile devices. The only thing, you will need is a QR scanner app installed on your mobile device such as your Android smartphone or iPhone. One of the QR scanner app that I personally use is QR Scanner by Trend Micro which not only scans the QR codes, but also runs them through a security check. If this app finds a malicious QR code with some hidden links, codes or instructions, then it blocks those QR codes. Another similar QR scanner app is Avira QR Scanner which also scans the codes for any harmful content.