Read Daily Feeds through Open-Source Raven Reader

Raven Reader is a desktop feed reading app that is open-source and works on macOS, Windows and Linux. It is designed using the popular Electron framework which gives a lot of flexibility about how it appears on various platforms. It supports both the RSS and ATOM type of feeds.

Raven Reader is designed to be both easy and elegant. We can launch Raven Reader and begin adding our feeds just by clicking on the +Add button. This opens a small text box in which we have to copy-paste the feed URL and press Enter. Everything else is handled automatically by Raven Reader.

All of the feeds that we have subscribed to appear in the left side. It displays how many new feeds are available, how many we have checked, read or played. For all of the subscriptions, it displays a list of the articles found in the feed. When we click on a feed item, the selected article is displayed on the right.

Raven Reader

We can choose to view the full article, share it with others using social networks, save it for offline reading, view the original article (as opposed to the one found in the feed), etc. We can also change the fonts and text size used for reading the various articles.

Raven Reader also offers syncing of the feeds fetched across other devices using a number of services such as Feedbin, Inoreader, and Fever. For syncing, we need an account of any of these services, connect to that account and then sync our feeds.

It comes with many different themes that we can select to change the colors used by the application window. By default, it sets the theme to be “follow the system” which means that it will use dark or light theme just like Windows 10 is set by the user. Other themes that we can select are dusk, night, sunset etc.

Raven Reader is a very easy-to-use feed reader for desktop computers. It can sync the feeds with other computers and even save them for offline reading later.

You can download Raven Reader from


  1. it’s not showing latest feeds from this very site, but two days ago.
    perhaps there’s a problem with your site, as its the same with vivaldi rss reader.

    also, it disappears from tray. I haven’t checked if it updates in the meanwhile.

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