How to Quickly Create New Apple ID from Any Browser

Many people think that the only way to create a new Apple ID is through macOS when you are first setting up your Mac. Some other people similarly claim that only way we can create a new Apple ID when starting iPhone for the very first time. But this is not true. We can create a brand new Apple ID through any web browser on any platform.

For creation of a new Apple ID, we need only two things: an email address and a mobile number. The email address that you use, will become your new Apple ID. The mobile number is used for two-factor authentication and is mandatory. Here is how you can create a new Apple ID through any web browser:

  1. Visit and click on Create Your Apple ID.Create New Apple ID
  2. Fill in the new Apple ID form. You have to enter your name, email address, country, date of birth, mobile number, etc. You have to agree to terms & conditions and enter captcha before you can click on Continue.Create New Apple ID
  3. It will send a verification code to your email address. You have to wait for the Apple ID verification email and enter the code on the account creation page.  Similarly, it will send a code to your mobile phone which has to be entered.Create New Apple ID
  4. This is it. You have successfully created a new Apple ID. It will open the Apple ID settings page for you. From here, you can see the account details and make changes. You can also see all the devices that are using your Apple ID.Create New Apple ID

We  used Mozilla Firefox web browser running under Windows 10 for creating a new Apple ID successfully. We then used this Apple ID on a Macbook Air without any problems. This Apple ID can also be used to login to various web apps and online platforms that allow login through Apple ID.