Risingware Fast Start Genie Creates Shortcuts to Launch Apps

We all have some of the programs that we use a whole lot more that others on our computers. For example, if you are a writer then perhaps you might be using Microsoft Word (or its open-source alternative LibreOffice Writer) all the time. Similarly, if you are a graphics designer then perhaps you are running Adobe Photoshop all day long. As a blogger, I myself spend more time using screenshot software like HyperSnap or Fast Stone Capture and writing using LibreOffice Writer than anything else.

It makes sense that we create shortcuts to these programs so that we can quickly launch them. Not only having shortcuts make it easy to launch the programs, it also saves our precious time and helps us stay focused on our actual work. Using a freeware called Risingware Fast Start Genie, we can create such shortcuts to any program, app or web app easily.

Fast Start Genie

Launching Fast Start Genie is a little bit tricky because it is developed using Oracle Java and uses JRE 32-bit. Even on a 64-bit Windows computer, you have to download and install the 32-bit version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) before you can launch Fast Start Genie.

When first launched, it shows a list of programs that are added to the Fast Start Genie interface but still have no hotkeys assigned to it. You can also add your own programs to it. When you add a new program, you have to specify program name, program path, parameters, hotkey, and an icon. Once a hotkey has been added, you can use that hotkey to launch that program, app or web app.

Fast Start Genie

Fast Start Genie is a helpful app launcher for Windows. It would have been nicer if was portable and came with a portable version of its own JRE.

You can download Risingware Fast Start Genie from http://www.risingware.com/htdocs/en/risingwareStarter.html.