Min Browser : Fast, Minimal Browser with Focus on Privacy

Looks like gradually all the web browsers are going to adopt the technology developed by Google. Every other browser other than Firefox, seems to be using the Chromium rendering engine. Then there are browsers that are modified versions of Google Chrome or Chromium. Min Browser falls in the second category. It is designed using Electron framework which uses Chromium source in its core.

As anyone can easily guess, Min browser is designed with focus on being a minimalist. It keeps complicated and complex options out of users’ way. The user interface is also created with brevity in mind. We can get both the installers and the portable versions of this browser. It is available for several platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS.

The developers have also designed the browser to be small and fast. According to them, it uses less battery power on your laptop so that you won’t have to lookup for the charger cable again and again.

Min Browser

The browser welcomes the user on the first launch and offers a tour of its features. It uses DuckDuckGo as the default search engine but it can be changed anytime later from the preferences section of the browser. From the preferences, you can block unwanted content usually found on many webpages such as images or scripts. Blocking this content might make your browsing faster and can save on the internet data too.

Min Browser

Min browser gives more options when it comes to saving passwords in the browser. In addition to the inbuilt password manager like any other browser, it offers two professional password managers 1Password and Bitwarden. For using these third-party password managers, you have to download and install additional software but integration with Min browser is seamless.

Min Browser

Min browser is using Chromium base, so compatibility with web apps and websites is really not an issue. It packs some extra privacy features which would be desired by many users who do not want any website tracking their browsing patterns.

You can download Min Browser from https://minbrowser.org/ or from https://github.com/minbrowser/min.