Fake Flash Test : Check Memory Cards or Pen Drives Are Fake

When we buy flash memory devices from the internet, there are some odd times when we end up with a fake device. These fake devices pretend to be a large capacity flash memory storage devices, but actually have very small capacity. For example, some of these memory cards could be labeled 32 GB, but they could be only 4 GB memory cards. Similarly, a USB pendrive that is labeled 16 GB, could be only 2 GB in capacity.

Usually, we cannot find whether these storage devices are fake or original until after we have used them for a while. As soon as we try to copy larger files or more files, they either give error or they just overwrite the older files. Using a freeware tool called Fake Flash Test, we can make an attempt to detect these fake devices.

Fake Flash Test is a tool that can check if your newly bought USB pen-drives or memory cards are fake. It is also a very dangerous tool as it can destroy all the partitions on your memory devices. When you want to check a memory card, pendrive or any other flash memory based storage device, you can launch Fake Flash Test and select that storage media from the dropdown list and then click on the Quick Size Test.


You will see a warning that it is going to destroy all the data on the target drive. Actually it destroys more than just the data, it destroys the file system completely. After this, your pendrive or memory card won’t be recognized on Windows and needs special formatting tool like Bootice. You can read our article for this – how to restore USB Flash disk capacity to full capacity.


After few seconds of testing and writing data on your flash memory device, it will declare the results. The results could be of many types. It can show the result that test was passed, failed or memory had problems. If your memory device is original, then it should show the result that it passed the test.


It should be noted that this program is not the last authority in determining whether a flash memory device such as SD card or pendrive is fake. Sometimes it also gives the wrong results. We tested Toshiba TransMemory 16 GB pendrive that we bought from authorized Toshiba showroom and it still did not pass the test. At the same time, a cheap no-brand 32 GB micro SD card passed the test.

You can download Fake Flash Test from https://drive.google.com/file/d/19z01Aclhwp7h2Ji_QSHFCmPEY6QMJJvb/view.

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