Quickly Remove Any PKG from Mac with UninstallPKG

On macOS 10.x, some software installers use the PKG format. PKG is short of packages and contain several programs bundled into a single package. For example, you can download the macOS installer from Apple App store and these are installed on your Mac in form of packages. Then you can use them to fresh install or upgrade macOS on your system.

While not all the software use the PKG format, there are many that use the PKG format frequently. After the installation of the software has been done, these PKG files serve no purpose but keep wasting useful storage space on the local hard drive. With the help of PKG removal app UninstallPKG we can remove these PKG files and recover all the claimed space easily.

UninstallPKG displays all the PKG files it finds on your system. In its window, you can see all the details about those packages including the package identifier, package filename, installation date, current size and the version of the package. You can remove these packages quickly by selecting them from the list and then clicking on the Uninstall Package button.


Before removing a package from your Mac, you may want to see the contents of that package. UninstallPKG allows viewing the contents of any of the packages it has displayed in the list. You can select the package and then click on the View Contents button to see the list of files and folders contained inside that package. For example, in the InstallOS.pkg we found more than 5GB of files and folders that were meant for installing a fresh copy of macOS High Sierra.

UninstallPKG is not a free app, you can use it for free only five times. After removing five packages, you will have to buy the full version so that you can continue to remove any remaining packages from your system.

You can download UninstallPKG from https://www.corecode.io/uninstallpkg/.