LiteIcon Changes Apps and Volumes Icons on Mac

LiteIcon is a small application for macOS using which we can set custom icons for volumes and other applications. This is really useful if you want to modify the icons for an app and customize it to give it a personal touch.

When you launch LiteIcons on macOS, it shows you an information about the system integrity protection which is enabled. Because system integrity protection is enabled, changing system files is not possible by a third-party application. As such, LiteIcon cannot change the icons for system apps. But it can still manage to change icons for volumes and user installed apps. This setting applies for all versions of macOS since macOS El Capitan.


Changing icons using LiteIcon

Using LiteIcon is very easy. After launching the LiteIcon app, you will find the icons for various volumes and applications on your Mac. In order to change the icon for any of these, we just have to drag-n-drop the icons on to these apps in the LiteIcon window. Once you are happy with the way the new icons appear for those apps or volumes, we can click on the Apply Changes button. This will save the changes and you will see the new icons for the the selected apps and volumes.


Restoring original app icons

Next obvious question that comes in the mind, how can we change the icons of these apps back to their default settings? Even this is a very easy thing to do with LiteIcon. In order to reverse the changes for any app or volume, you can launch LiteIcon one again. This time you have to drag the icons out for those apps and when LiteIcon shows the original icon for those apps, you can click on the Apply Changes button.

All-in-all LiteIcon is a very useful application for Mac users. With its help we can quickly customize the icons for any of the user installed apps and volumes.

You can download LiteIcon from