Set Window Transparency and Capture Screen with PinMe!

PinMe! is a Windows application that offers a myriad of functions such as changing the order of visible windows and making any of the open window the top-most window. It also offers tools to capture the screen or some regions of the screen.

PinMe! is a portable application and does not require any installation. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. When launched it quietly places itself into the notification area. We can click on its icon and find the options to make any open window the top-most window. It lists all the visible windows that are not minimized and we can choose any of these windows.


We can also make any visible window transparent using PinMe! For this, we have to select the visibility tool from the notification area, select the window and then change the opacity for that window. The changes are applied as soon as we change the opacity level.

Other than changing the display order (making a window top-most) and making windows transparent, it is also able to help us capture the screen. It comes with an in-built screen capture tool. We can invoke the screen capture either through the notification area icon or through hotkeys Ctrl+R and Ctrl+E (for capturing an area on the screen or the topmost window respectively). When we choose to capture an area on the screen, mouse cursor turns into cross-hairs and we can select a rectangular area from the screen. The capture area can be saved as a PNG image file.


In the options for PinMe!, we can change the screen capture shortcuts to anything else, we can choose whether it should display a save PNG file dialog after a successful screen capture, whether to play a sound at various events, and more.

PinMe! is going to be very helpful for the people who have multiple windows open and they want to arrange the windows in proper order so that they can focus on a few windows while still opening multiple windows on their Windows desktop.

You can download PinMe! from