Encrypt Files and Folders in Windows with Simple File Encryptor

Simple File Encryptor is a small encryption utility for Windows. It is able to encrypt text files, text messages, files and folders. It uses the powerful AES 256 bit cipher for all the encryption features.

It is designed using an older version of .NET framework which means that you will have to install .NET framework version 3.5 SP1 on your Windows 10 before you can use it. For installing .NET 3.51 on your Windows PC, you can download the necessary files from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22.

In the user interface of Simple File Encryptor, different types of encryptors are offered under different tabs. There is a separate tab for encrypting of the text files or text data. In this tab, we can load a text file and then click on the Encrypt button. After you have supplied a password for encryption, it will be encrypted. You can now save the encrypted file. Encrypting text message works in the same manner.

Simple File Encryptor

In the second tab, we can encrypt files or folders. We have to pick the files or folder that we want to encrypt. We can choose whether we want to encrypt all the sub-directories too. There are options to compress the files during the encryption and to remove the original files. Encryption and decryption both require you to enter a strong password.

Simple File Encryptor

It also offers an “Encryption Box” which is a special folder that is constantly monitored by Simple File Encryptor. Any files or folders you drag-n-drop or copy into this special folder are automatically encrypted. You can choose to start or stop monitoring of this folder at anytime you please. There are options to play a sound whenever a file is encrypted, to encrypt all the sub-directories, delete the originals and more.

Simple File Encryptor

Simple File Encryptor is pretty easy-to-use for everyone. Using this free software we can encrypt files, folders and texts. It uses very powerful encryption algorithm AES which ensures that your files are safe against any bruteforce decryption attempts.

You can download Simple File Encryptor from https://www.turnssoft.com/simple-file-encryptor.html.