BackPass : Encrypted Password Manager for Windows

BackPass is a free password manager for Windows. It can be used to store user credentials, web logins, contact information, credit cards and other data. All the information is stored in encrypted files and can be accessed only after entering the correct password.

BackPass works on Windows XP and above. When we first launch it, it asks the user for setting a new password. This password must be remembered for all by the user as without it, the user will not be able to access any saved information.


The next thing we are asked to do is enter a security question. We have to enter a question of our own choice and also enter an answer to it. This security question is required only for making changes to the password that is used for login.


Once this is all done, we can start entering credentials and other information in the BackPass interface. We have to use a passage and against that passage we can enter information such as username, password, web address, email address, and more. Each entry has a note section in which we can enter anything that does not fit anywhere else or something important regarding the saved information. For example, we can add a note with the credentials saying that the credentials will expire in five months.


BackPass saves all the information to an encrypted storage file. This file can be opened only through BackPass. If you want to export the saved information to any other application, then we have to export it in form of CSV files. After exporting to CSV files, we can open them using LibreOffice Base or Microsoft Excel.

BackPass can be used not only for storing passwords but basically anything of importance. It will encrypt everything and can keep your information secured with the help of high-grade encryption algorithms.

You can download BackPass from