Analyze Chess Games in Browser with Chess Position Scanner

Chess Position Scanner is an extension for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is able to scan a chess game being displayed in your web browser and suggest you possible moves. It can read the chess games from images, webpages, e-books, online game websites and more. By reading the positions of the various pieces on a chess board, it can suggest a possible winning move to the users.

After you have installed it in your web browser, you can simply visit any of the chess websites to open the chess puzzles or games in a certain position. Now you can click on the toolbar icon for “Chess Position Scanner” and it will scan the chess game from your currently active browser tab. It works on videos, PDF files, images and even on online game sites. It takes some time before presenting you with analysis and suggesting you various moves.

Chess Position Scanner

We tried it with a very old PDF copy of Chess Openings by Frank J. Marshall which was published in 1904. It accurately read the positions of all the pieces from various pages on the book and then presented us with an analysis. Interestingly, it suggested the exact moves that Mr. Marshall has in his book. We then tried it with an online chess website and it read the chess board from that site too. For the latter it was taking a longer time, perhaps because of the colored chess board.

While the moves suggested by the Chess Position Scanner extension were sound, it seems to have some design flaws. When I accidentally moved one of the pawns back, it offered to turn it into one of higher ranking pieces. This is clearly not possible. But I guess the programmers for the extension were not expecting a dumb move like moving a pawn back.

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