Browse Only with Keyboard with Vimium C for Firefox

While using a mouse simplifies things when using a computer, you can make things go faster with the help of keyboard shortcuts. In fact, if you talk to old timers, you will them often raving about the keyboard shortcuts and how they can carry out a task using just a keyboard.

If you also want to control the basic browsing actions in the Mozilla Firefox web browse, then you an try the Vimium C extension for Firefox. After installing this extension, you will be able to carry out all the actions in Firefox that usually are done with a mouse click or tapping on your touch-pad.

Once Vimium has been installed, you can visit any website as usual. Now you can press F on your keyboard and it will display all the keyboard shortcuts for clicking on various elements on the webpage. Some of these are single key shortcuts while others are combination of two or more keys. For the latter case, you have to press and hold all the keys in the combination to make it work.

Vimium C

Vimium C also offers something called vomnibar. It can be accessed by pressing O on your keyboard. In this bar, you will find all the open tabs, browser history and bookmarks. This is just like using the address bar along with the search engine feature. But it is much faster than using the address bar. Vomnibar also supports the dark mode and offers a simple calculator built inside.

Vimium C

You don’t have to throw away the mouse. But you can definitely save your time and enjoy the comfort of controlling all the web browsing only through keyboard using the Vimium C extension. If you find it confusing it first, you can always press ? on your keyboard which will bring up a list of all the keyboard shortcuts supported by Vimium C.

You can get the Vimium C extension for Firefox from