Threadit : Short Video Sharing Web App from Google

Threadit is a new web app designed by Google. It offers short video recording and sharing from the comfort of your web browser. It can be used directly from its website but there is also a Chrome extension that makes things much easier.

In order to start using Threadit, you have to visit in your web browser. You can sign-in using your Google or Microsoft accounts. There is no other option for signing in or creating a new account.

After signing-in to Threadit, you can begin the creation of a new short video by selecting one of the templates provided. If you have installed the Chrome extension for Threadit, then it displays the list of templates as soon as you click on the Threadit icon in the toolbar.


There are dozens of templates that target different situations that you may come across at your workplace. For example, it offers templates for presentations, product demo, meeting recap, code review, design review and more. There are templates for birthday, congratulations, and farewell too. In total, there are around twenty such templates available.


After selecting a template, all you have to do is start recording the message – you can use both your microphone and your webcam. There is possibility of turning off the webcam and recording just the audio clips. After you have finished recording, you can click on the “Finish” button to bring up the sharing section.


We can share the completed videos over using a link created by Threadit. By default, all videos are restricted and are not shared with anyone. You can choose the people who will be able to watch your short videos.

Threadit is really productive tool for sharing short videos with your team at work. We can use it to discuss about a project without waiting for an online meeting through other video conferencing apps.