Disk Reviver : Clean Up and Optimize Your Hard Drives

Disk Reviver is a Windows application for optimizing your hard disk drives. It can clean up the junk files, remove identical files, optimize the hard drive performance and analyze any disk drive problems easily. By improving the performance of your hard drives, you can also improve the overall performance of your Windows PC.

It has a tabbed user interface and dedicates one tab for a particular feature. There are tabs for optimizing, cleaning, de-duplicating and analyzing problems for your hard drives. All the hard drives detected on your system are displayed on the welcome screen. We can choose the ones we want to optimize or clean before proceeding.

If you have decided to clean your hard drive, then you have to switch to the “Clean” tab and then scan your hard drive for any junk or unwanted files. After the scan results are displayed, we an carefully select the junk files to be removed and then click on the “Clean System” button.

Disk Reviver

All the other features are available only in the paid full version of the program. Under the “Optimize” tab, we can defragment the hard drive and make it perform really faster than before. Defragmenting should not be done unless you have been using the computer for more than two years regularly.

Similarly, we can find tools for removing the duplicate files from the hard drive and analyzing the hard drive for any possible problems. It can easily fix file system related problems that usually cause problem in Windows when trying to delete files.

Even though so many of its features are locked in the free version, Disk Reviver is still a great tool to optimize the hard drives and make them work better. It also comes with a disk benchmark tool that can be used to ensure that you are getting the most of your hard drives.

You can download Disk Reviver from https://www.reviversoft.com/disk-reviver/.