TomVPN : Free VPN for Windows, Android and iOS

A good VPN has become essential for all the users who want to stay protected online. Basically a VPN provides a proxy network for a user to connect to the internet. Instead of directly accessing a website, we connect through the VPN network. This has many benefits such as anonymity (hides your actual IP address), security (connection is encrypted), and more.

While many good VPN service providers are not free and work on a subscription based model, TomVPN provides high-quality, unlimited VPN for free. It boasts of very high-level bank-grade encryption and promised to keep you secure online. It also offers a large number of VPN servers spread all over the world. It is available for Windows, iOS and Android at the moment.


After the installation, we can start using it right-away. It will display a world map along with a list of all the countries where it has VPN server located. We can either click on a country on the world map or choose one of the countries/cities from the list to make a connection.

Under the settings for the app, we can find a number of protocols that can be used to make a connection to the VPN. It uses the “Tom” protocol which seems to provide all the features without making any compromise to the connection speeds.


It is surprising that TomVPN offers free unlimited VPN without the user needing any account or subscription. We can use TomVPN on any number of devices that are using the same internet connection. They do not throttle your VPN connection even if you connect dozens of devices to their VPN servers.

TomVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service provider. We tested TomVPN on a Windows 10 PC and it worked just like they have promised. We did not observer any downtimes or throttling of the connections.

You can get installers for TomVPN from