Element : Secure Messenger with Support for IRC

Element is a highly secure messenger app that offers support for other popular networks and apps such as Telegram. It was formerly know as Riot Desktop. While Riot Desktop is no longer being developed anymore, we can now switch to Element as it catches up from the exactly where old Riot Desktop left off.

Element is available for a number of platforms including iOS, Android, macOS or Windows. It is available through a web app too which can be used from any modern web browser. For using the web app, we can simply visit https://element.io/, login to Element using any major social networking or other account such as Facebook, Apple or Google.

Element Messenger

Element is based on the Matrix project that promises high-grade encryption when communicating online. Their focus is on security and decentralized communication. Element supports the old world IRC as well as XMPP networks. But it is not limited to text based chats like IRC and we can use video telephony or video conferencing through Element.

Before using Element, we have to create a new Element account for which we have to provide just a username, full name and the email address. We can also use already existing accounts like Google or Facebook for login, but even in that case all the information is needed.

Element Messenger

Element can be used in two ways – for one-to-one conversations and for group chats. For the latter, it can connect to a room on IRC server where we can discuss ideas with others in the same room. For example, we can join a room created by the Manjaro Linux developers and ask them about any problems in Manjaro. In  group, we can also share files with other users. Furthermore, we can use bridges to connect with the users of other popular networks such as Telegram.

You can visit https://element.io/ to start using Element.