How to Use GPS Speedometer on Android Smartphones

All Android smartphones come with some sort of GPS chip built inside it. This GPS chip can be used to locate your position on this planet with a very high accuracy. Your Android smartphone uses a GPS antenna to connect to the GPS satellites revolving all around the planet. In fact at every single location on this planet, we have more than 10 satellites hovering over us. Using these satellites, we can get the exact pin-point geo-location with ease. We have previously published about Just a Compass which can be used to find your latitude and longitude coordinates using GPS.

The same GPS feature in Android phones can be used to track your speed when you are riding your bike or driving your car. For this, you have to use an app like Ulysse GPS Speedometer. This app uses the signal from satellites to find your location and then track your movements. This way it can find out how fast you are moving. The speed is shown in Kilometers per hour or miles per hour depending on the settings. Other than the speed, it can also display your altitude (your height above the sea level), your direction, the temperature of your city and more.

Ulysse GPS Speedometer

If you are riding on your bike, then you can use a simple mobile holder for your motorbike. Then attach the mobile to your bike and use the GPS Speedometer app to see your speed using the accuracy of the GPS data. Similarly, you can attach your mobile phone to the dashboard of your car or even on the windshield. You will have instant digital display of your car’s speed as measured by the GPS data.

Ulysse GPS Speedometer is an all-in-one app that contains a high-precision GPS speedometer, an altimeter, and a compass. It works on any Android smartphone that has GPS feature in it. It can also be displayed as an overlay on the top of other apps.

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