get2Clouds : Transfer Large Files Online Using Cloud Storage

If you have made a custom build of Linux distro and want to send it to your friend, then it could be a daunting task. Perhaps you will have to first upload the large ISO image (which could in the order of 8-10 GB) to a cloud storage account and then share it with your friends. On the other end, your friends will also have to download it from the cloud storage.

But we can make things easier using get2Clouds. It is a mobile app and desktop program that uses some of the popular cloud storage providers to help you transfer large files. It supports Dropbox,, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SpiderOak and more.

The person who is sharing the files and the person who is receiving the files, both have to install get2Clouds on their devices. Once it is installed, you can start adding your cloud storage accounts from its settings. Typically, you have to choose your cloud provider and then enter your credentials. It may need further authentication if you have enabled two-factor authentication feature.


In order to transfer files to other people, we have to switch to the “Transfer” tab. Here we can select one of the linked cloud accounts, the file to be shared, the email address of the recipient and then hit the OK button. After the file has been uploaded to your cloud account, it will create a link and prepare an email message with all the links for you. Files are encrypted and the encryption password is supplied only to you which you can share with your friends.


Receiving a file through get2Clouds is extremely easy. All you have to do is install get2Clouds on your computer and then click on the link that your friends have sent in the email message (when they shared the file using get2Clouds). This will automatically launch get2Clouds and the download will be initiated.

get2Clouds works on Windows, Mac and Android. It may be confusing at first, but once you understand how to use it, it could become a productive tool for everyday work life. It also comes with a secure messenger.

You can download get2Clouds from