Install Multiple Apps Automatically on Mac with

The first thing that we do after we bring home a brand new Macbook Air is to install all the apps that we love to use. For example, many of us install Chrome web browser so that we can sync our browser bookmarks and accounts from other devices. Many of us install SuperDuper for making a backup copy of the SSD or HDD that came with the computer. Usually we end up installing dozens of new apps on our new computer.

For installing all of these apps, we have to download them from their individual sites or from Apple Mac apps store. But we can install many of these apps in just one go using a script provided by Here is how:

  1. Visit in any web browser and select all the apps that you want to install. You will find hundreds of apps from a number of categories like internet, productivity, developer, tools, utilities, multimedia, messaging,
  2. Once you have made a selection of the apps, click on the big green Install button on the top. This button will also indicate the number of apps that you have selected. It will display a command that you have to copy to the clipboard using
  3. On your Mac, launch Spotlight and search for Terminal. Launch Terminal once it appears in the search.
  4. In the Terminal window, right-click and choose to Paste the command that we copied in step 2. It might ask you for admin credentials. Now just sit back and relax and watch install all the apps on your
  5. When it has finished installing all the apps, you will be informed. At this point, you can close the Terminal window. You will find all the newly installed apps in the Applications

This method of installing some of the very popular and free apps on a Mac saves a lot of time. We do not have to bother with any prompts since the whole process is automatic.