Identify Songs Easily with MusicID App for Android

When we are listening to some old music on the radio, sometimes we cannot find the information about the songs being played as we have never listened to them before. We can ask an old uncle or aunt who know more about the old music, but there is a better way – MusicID. Using this app, we can quickly identify any music being played anywhere.

MusicID uses the microphone of your Android smartphone to listen to the songs and then searches for that music online. It uses a special algorithm to generate unique audio data. It does not have to analyze the entire song or even the song from the start to end. It can analyze any part of the song being played and use that tiny portion to match the ID from online database.

For using MusicID, we need to allow permissions for microphone and location because it uses microphone to listen to music playing elsewhere. It gets better results when there is no external noise and we are closer to the source of music. I tried it with my pedestal fan running and it did not give any results because of the air generating noise at the microphone. When I turned off the fan, it found the song in just 2 seconds.


Basically, we have to just tap on its microphone icon and wait for it to identify the song. When it displays results, it also shows links to buy the music albums or individual songs over online shopping sites like Amazon or music apps like Spotify.

MusicID can quickly identify any songs being played anywhere. It is really useful when we cannot figure out the music album, the performer, the title of the song and other information related to the songs. It works in seconds and can identify songs in many languages.

You can get MusicID app for Android from