Clean Windows PC with Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner

After a few months of using your Windows PC, it starts to slow down because of many reasons. One of the problems that is reported most is the accumulation of junk files and garbage registry entries. These junk entries can impact the performance of your PC negatively. This is when you have to use a specialized tool to clean up your Windows PC. Cleaning of your PC only one time is not enough, and we must keep cleaning it many times regularly.

For cleaning your Windows PC, we can use a free software called Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner. It is a small and easy to use cleaning software that can make your system work a tad faster. It cannot be compared to comprehensive cleaning software like Piriform CCleaner or Clean Master, but it can clean RAM, registry, drives and fix problems related to playing games.

Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner

Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner has a very simple user interface. When you launch it, it scans your system and reports the number of issues that have been found by it. However, it does not display any details about the issues that it has found. The nature of these issues remains hidden and cannot be revealed.

If you want to clean the RAM if your PC, you can click on the RAM icon in the sidebar. Without any confirmation or prompt, it will clean the RAM. Similarly, clicking on the Registry icon, Drives icon and the Gaming icon will clean the registry, clean junk files from the drives or fix the gaming problems respectively.

Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner

Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner is very easy-to-use, but it does not give any details about what it is actually doing on your system. There are no logs, no backups and it does not ask for any confirmation before proceeding to clean various things off your system.

You can download Vovsoft Placebo Cleaner from