Jeboorker: EPUB, PDF, CBZ and CBR Ebooks Management Software

Jeboorker is an ebook management software for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is designed to work with EPUB, PDF, CBZ and CBR file formats. It can easily read and edit the metadata embedded inside these files. It does not work with protected documents.

Jeboorker is designed using Oracle Java and requires that you have installed Java Runtimes Environment (JRE) on your system. It has a very basic user interface. It has a three-pane interface with a file browser in the left, ebook preview in the center and metadata information on the right.

We can begin by adding the folder that contains all of your ebooks. This can be done by select FileRead Folder from the menubar. As soon as you select a folder, it will go through that folder, read all the supported ebook files and add them to a list. If you have hundreds of ebook files, then it is going to take a long time.


By right-clicking on any ebook in the list, we have access to rename that file, move it to another folder, or upload it to Dropbox. We can also edit the metadata emedded inside these files. In the case of PDF files, the metadata is in the XMP format.

If you have ebooks in one file format and you want to change its file format, then it can be done easily. For this, we have to select an ebook and then choose EditConvert from the menubar. We can choose to convert the files in CBZ, TXT or PDF formats.


Jeboorker is not an ebook reader and if you open an ebook from its interface, it is opened in the default application associated with that file type. For example, when we tried to open a PDF file, it was launched in the Foxit PDF Reader.

You can download Jeboorker from